Commercial & Industrial Specialists



Emergency Services: For industrial, commercial applications i.e. blown in roller-doors, break in, hale damage, forklift impacts etc Not only can we do this but we can do so much more, but below is some of the services we offer:

• we offer roller doors or roller shutters that we can service and repair

• If you have accidentally had your roller door or roller shutter come down on top of your truck or forklift, we can repair those roller doors or shutters too

• Sometimes new slats, bottom rails, and tracks are needed as the door gets older, we offer this too

• We can also upgrade the existing push-button motorised doors to make them remote compatible for you.

• Broken springs on a roller shutter is inevitable we can have new roller shutters drums manufactured and installed to suit your opening, your roller shutter will work exactly like if it is brand new.

• Faulty or damaged motors or control boxes can be repaired by us.

• If your Grifco E drive motor needs a new circuit boards we can supply and apply.